When you “target” the targets!

The moment you start focusing on yourself instead of focusing on your customer is the moment that obviously will be the beginning of the end. When you poke on the marketing rules, four of them will definitely rule your marketing world. Let’s dig somewhat deep into those strategical stuffs.

The first rule points to the stuff “attract the opponent”. Lemme start with an example. Consider your favorite game for example, PUBG. All you know is that the game strategies like how to attack enemies using snipers, reviving your knocked-out teammate, getting to the safe zone, night mode and this and that. We obviously experience the soothing external features. This praise totally lies with the top-notch attractive interior efforts and endless updates given to the game. Similarly, the position where you stand now depends upon the driving force behind your business. So, the first point is to ATTRACT the other parties.

The second rule points to “target the opponent targets”. In order for your business to succeed, you need to advertise and promote your products or services to the same customers that your competitors are targeting. But then, one thing does exist in every customer. Not you and I have the same stomach. The attraction towards a product varies from customer to customer obviously. Check to that too while delivering productive ideas among the customers.

The third rule points to the “out-of-the-box ideas”. Don’t stop being creative. You think big or even think small, but please, think outside the box. Everybody has his own needs and style. There, to bring out something that suits everyone lays your business adroitness.

And finally comes the fourth rule “to keep up your appearance should be your full time job”. “Influence or get influenced” is the strategy most heads follow and is true though. The people close to us are the ones who make us buy things, not ourselves. Make the most of user-generated content. Keep the conversation going by giving users something to talk about. And what is more important? Don’t be stagnant even when you’ve amassed a large, loyal fan base.

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