Welcome to Profit Season – 5 Coins leading the charge

Q4 has traditionally been the most profitable, here we detail previous years and recommend 5 coins with the potential to guarantee a merry christmas!

2018 has been a bloodbath for crypto traders. I am not particularly concerned because the first 9 months of the year have never been very rewarding for crypto traders. Contrastingly, the period from October to December has been the real profit season. Bitcoin has a lot of room to grow again. The formula of pairing established projects with a Q4 assault has not failed in any of the last 3 years. January tends to be another month of hyper growth. Taking profit is perhaps the hardest aspect of crypto trading. For the purposes of this piece we are determining disposal of assets on the 31st of December of each profit season.

profit season

Profit Season 2015

The global market cap was just $4 billion at the start of October 2015. On the eve of the new year it had grown 75% to $7 billion. The market coming close to doubling in just 3 months. A $1000 investment in Bitcoin at the start of the period would have grown to approximately $1800.

Profit Season 2016

Bitcoin jumped from $610 to $960 offering investors a chance to cash out with a 55% gain. Even more impressive was the 320% growth in global market cap from circa $80 billion to circa $280 billion. Monero enjoyed a close to 100% jump in the period.


Profit Season 2017

This was a lot of fun! Global market cap was around $150 billion at the start of October. 90 whirlwind days later it had grown to $600 billion. Ripple was among the star performers, it began the period at $0.25 and grew tenfold. Intriguingly it is available at just $0.50 currently.

Profit Season 2018 – TheCoinDigest Top 5

Bitcoin – Still stuck just under $7000, a long position targeting $10500 for approx. 50% upside.

Litecoin – Available at $60, a fraction of it’s all time high. If the market starts to shift positively a long position targeting $200 is not ludicrous.

Ripple – XRapid has been deployed in time for profit season. Entry below $0.60 is appealing. Target exit at $2.40.

TRON – TRON has the team, product and partnerships to be the main story of the crypto space in 2019. The current price is 7% of it’s all time high.

EOS – With the established concerns around Ethereum scalability being more favourably addressed by EOS it could be the last time we see it so cheap. Entry below $6 could yield a quick 100% return.

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