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    Blockchain – What is Forking… and how has it impacted Bitcoin & Ethereum?

    Bitcoin and Ethereum are fundamentally the soundest projects in the crypto space. They have the biggest and most active communities…
    6 hours ago

    Presenting the LunarX Miner prototype

    LunarX Presenting the first main features of the LunarX miner: The miner shall support a variety of DApps. Mine LX…


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    What is Vertcoin?


    2017-12-26 18.10 Onboarding New Candidates & Crypto Coins assessment


    How Amazon could KILL Bitcoin


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    ABC News Election Night


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      6 days ago

      10 Altcoins That Will Survive the Purge

      Crypto Winter is coming and no, I’m not talking about the recent bear market. We’re talking about the purge of…
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      HODL or Death – assessing the top 4 Altcoins survival prospects’

      The recent downturn in market prices resulting from the Van Eck (ETF decision) postponement has rocked many investors. Whether you…
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      A (not so short) overview of the Cardano project

      Cardano first appeared in 2015, right on the dawn of a general movement to change the way cryptocurrencies are designed…
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      Altcoin Trading – Coins to consider buying during the dip

      The Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffett, once said that as an investor, it is wise to be “Fearful when others…
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      Is Alt Season Coming?

      Is Alt Season Coming? Today (August 4th), Bitcoin dumped around $500. In past weeks, when that has happened, altcoins have…
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      Keeping Your Coins Safe

      Those who have spent a lot of time in the Bitcoin community are aware of how many different scams are…