The Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jobs for 2019

When reading on Artificial Intelligence, the quote “Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master” comes to mind. A.I. is a field that has exploded over the past few years, with near magical and sometimes horrifying creations coming forth as the fields of machine & deep learning exponentially progress. Rapid growth in A.I. tech shows two likely conclusions- that many jobs can be destroyed with the powerful growth of A.I., and that those who have the skills to work in the field of A.I. will see rapid career growth and salary potential. This year will be a hot year for those versed well enough in computer programming to seek an A.I.-related field of work, and below we will discuss the top sectors for those looking for a rewarding career.

A.I. Ethicist

Research on the abilities of A.I. can sometimes become contradicting, as it is hard to predict what A.I. will fix (and destroy) currently, yet many scientists have stated that millions of U.S. jobs alone could be destroyed within years time due to A.I. The scientific community has revealed ominous numbers for the future- stating that near half of current jobs are replaceable by some sort of computer intelligence. These numbers are mere predictions, yet A.I. will likely have many ill effects. The role of an A.I. ethicist would be to work with their employer to make sure any company use of artificial intelligence would cooperate with the standards of the company, all laws, as well as pure human ethics. This job will grow as A.I. grows, and will be a necessity for many large industries in the near future.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are one of the most in-demand roles in the field of A.I. These scientists combine math and computer science and mainly use software to analyze data and spot trends. Data scientists commonly use programming languages such as Python, as well as software such as SAS. The majority of data scientists hold a degree in computer science/engineering, as well as statistics and math. With an average salary around $130,000, data science is one of the largest and most appetizing fields for those with an interest in working in artificial intelligence.

Software Engineer

Software engineers are the heart of A.I., as they literally help write the programs which learn and execute intelligence. Software engineers apply an extensive knowledge of computer programming and work with data scientists, ethicists, and their employer to fully create an operational A.I. program that will fulfill the needs of the company. Almost all software engineers have a degree in computer engineering or computer science and are often making six-figures as their jobs are in mass demand and require a high level of intellect.

A.I. Architect

A.I. architects are those who determine where and how artificial intelligence programs can be implemented in a company to save money, make processes more efficient, and maximize profitability. A.I. architects often have deep knowledge of business and computer science, and will make sure that any implemented A.I. is running smoothly and efficiently. As A.I. becomes more mainstream and becomes a requirement for large industries in order to stay competitive, A.I. architects will continue to be massively sought after.

Interesting to see how this space moves at such lightening speed… and how we will cope with the demand for these ‘new’ roles.

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