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The advent of next-generation autonomous vehicles with the help of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

With the increase in population, one of the major issues would be traffic. Experts are trying hard to deal with this situation, some cities have implemented the odd-even number system, and some countries are enhancing the existing transport infrastructure to reduce the traffic on roads.  Imagine if we have smart autonomous vehicles, who have abilities to communicate with each other, no one will get late for the meetings,  no more waiting in the red signals, and no hassle of traffic and accidents. A couple of years back we can only imagine about these features, it was more like a fantasy movie. But, now with the help of blockchain and artificial intelligence, the dream of a self-driven car is realized, there are various companies who are working on this. Autonomous vehicles are not yet matured and required tons of data to analyze the roads and take the right decision.


Collecting data is one of the major problems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Hundreds of billions of miles of data is required to develop safe and reliable autonomous vehicles. Before blockchain and cryptocurrency, the only way to collect the data was to manually record the data by sending vehicles equipped with sensors and cameras. No doubt that this was a time consuming and expensive task. Mapcoin is one the blockchain based company, who has veterans from mapping and automotive industry, is utilizing the blockchain to help drive the future of autonomous driving, location and mapping technologies. Moreover, cryptocurrencies on blockchain technology will also help to optimize the route in case of congestion.

Mapcoin will employ various innovative techniques to capture the data for autonomous vehicles.

  1. Visual and nonvisual data will be collected by mapcoin owns and partners android and ios application, which will be the creation of HD data for autonomous vehicles.
  2. Mapcoin users will be rewarded with mapcoin tokens for sharing the data
  3. To speed up the process of data collection, corporates can create the tasks for mapcoin users on mapcoin website.

Looking at the volume of data and critical features of autonomous vehicles, data should be captured correctly. Mapcoin thinks blockchain and artificial is the answer for this. For protecting the data, blockchain is ideally suited, when data is on blockchain it is immutable; it is easy to track who changes the data.  Data is one of the biggest requirement for the development of the autonomous vehicle, there two major reasons:

Artificial intelligence:

All autonomous vehicles use AI to recognize people, objects, cars etc and take the right decision on different occasions. This is only possible when AI is trained with multiple images and data.

High definition maps:

Humans use normal maps to navigate the routes, however, in the case of autonomous vehicles, HD maps and images are required. Mapping the world with high resolution takes time and it is almost impossible to do it manually.

Mapcoin will use two approaches to collect the data

  1. Mapcoin’s collectr app will use a mobile phone’s camera to capture the video, images, and data to be used for mapping. The app can run either in passive mode or inactive mode to collect the data. In turn, users will be rewarded with mapcoin tokens.
  2. Custom mapping task can be created on the website for the users who want to make more money from mapping and considering it as a full-time job.

To recapitulate, the autonomous industry is rising with the help of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, which can solve the real-world problems. Nevertheless, utmost care has to be taken while collecting the data.

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