Rotharium Platform Release This Week (14th November)!

The exciting news flow coming from the Rotharium (RTH) project shows no sign of abating, with the launch (this week – Wednesday 14th November) of its eagerly awaited Platform.

Further to the successful Cryptopia listing last week, the launch of its Platform will be sure to add even more interest in the cryptocurrency token, a project by Crypto Future GMBH (An Austrian Cryptocurrency company).

Platform Release and future prospects

As per the Rotharium Roadmap; the Platform, Wallet and Tracing Solutions have been planned and are now widely anticipated. These aspects will greatly bolster Rotharium’s aims of creating transparent business processes. The release of the Platform will be the first step on the road to automatically executing payments when traced goods are received – a fantastic development for global industry.

As mentioned via BlockDelta previously, the beauty of the Rotharium platform is that its interfaces allow connection of standard cloud or on-premise database solutions to the blockchain. This is a very attractive aspect of their platform. Businesses can simply carry on with their current applications and processes whilst taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain – No need to upset the current operations status quo. This is generally a challenge regarding crypto adoption, but one which Rotharium addresses and ultimately is taking the lead with a clear solution.

Exciting times for Rotharium. I’m especially keen to hear more about the forthcoming wallet and food tracing app in the near future. Will keep you all posted!

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