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The Use of Computer Vision Applications in Different Industries

There are plenty of computer vision examples out there which demonstrate that computers can now identify and label images. Some of the most interesting...

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Alexa Technology: The Secrets of Amazon Artificial Intelligence

The sales of Amazon Alexa are off the charts and it’s fairly easy to see why. Thanks to state-of-the-art Amazon Alexa technology, customers can experience the...

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Transform Your Business with The Help of a 3D Website

Most people have heard of 3D TV where you put on special glasses and images leap out of the TV into your living room....

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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Android Development

Believe it or not, we are currently living in an age of technological revolution. Technologies that were once only a dream are now becoming...

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How Does Siri Work: Technology and Algorithm 

Ever since we saw Sci-fi movies such as Star Trek or 2001: A Space Odyssey we became enamored with the idea of a computer that we can correspond...

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