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    When his parents asked him at an age of 8, what he would like to become later, he replied without thinking, "I just want to be happy," later he added, "I never want to have a boss and wear a suit." His schooling he survived thinking about a better world. After school, he then studied computer science and soon founded the hip hop label Schmuf Hamburg. Four years later, at the time when no one bought any more CDs, he got out and started his first marketing agency "Esprit de liberté" with a friend when his business partner died unexpectedly. He did so alone with social media marketing under the name "Mightymonkey Marketing". and reached in Hamburg enormous reach, not least through the Facebook portal "Schanzen News" with over 60,000 readers. After a small break with India travel, meditation and spiritual literature, he discovered Bitcoins, barefoot shoes and veganism for himself. So the "Alohachérie" Christmas Market 2013 was not only the first vegan Christmas market stall in the world that accepted bitcoins, but also the starting signal for his next venture - Hamburg's first all-vegan gourmet catering. In the meantime, he also ran two restaurants until he sold the company in early 2018 to turn his back on the blockchain world and found a blockchain marketing agency, Skyfi, and established the BLOCKCHANCE Conference as a brand.



    Fabian Friedrich

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