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Skycoin April 2019 Development

With the closed beta for the Coin Hour Bank going live, Skywire mainnet nearing switchover, the hardware wallet launch approaching, ledger support imminent, and...

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Experimenting in CX Labs

Lawful Welcome to CX Labs. CX Labs has launched, so welcome to all developers and new recruits! CX Labs is the new incentive program for developing applications...

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Six Ways Skycoin Technology Will Transform Video Gaming

Marco Casino Apr 23' Skycoin CX and the Skycoin Fiber blockchain platform are set to disrupt the video game industry for many years to come The impact...

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CX Appeal

Learning CX is easy! Give it a shot. CX is Skycoin’s own blockchain programming language. It is ideally suited for smart contracts and other applications built...

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Skycoin CX Mainnet

Marco Casino In my last article I introduced Skycoin CX, and explained why this powerful blockchain programming language is set to transform the apps/gaming industry in a...

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