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Tokoin Partners with TomoChain to Provide Blockchain Data Leveraging for Emerging Markets

Tokoin, a blockchain data leveraging platform serving small businesses in emerging markets, has teamed up with TomoChain to deliver a secure data management solution,...

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Could Artificial Intelligence Lead to Communism?

Could artificial intelligence make communism a reality? We are all Exploited Marx argued that under capitalism, everyone must work to live. We have...

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Betting on Blockchain: How Online Gambling Will Drive Mass Adoption

Blockchain startups are using online betting and prediction markets to drive mass adoption and power the next generation of blockchain...

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Will AI Devices Become our Benevolent Overlords?

Can we manage AI devices for the benefit of humanity? Can we manage AI devices for the benefit of humanity? For...

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6 Ways to Keep Emotions Under Control When Trading Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading can be charged with FOMO and FUD, which creates a risk of making decisions based on emotion rather...

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