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    Can AI positively impact the Recruitment Industry?

    Artificial Intelligence is a technology form that gains more attention as each month passes. Its obvious that AI is still far from having human...

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    How AI Will Improve Healthcare Throughout 2019

    For decades, artificial intelligence has held science fiction-like promise. Today, nearly every field has been impacted by AI and many have been transformed. Marketing, finance,...

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    Might Chainlink be the ‘Next Big Thing’?

    What is Chainlink and why is there currently so much noise about this project? A growing number of crypto evangelists argue Chainlink might just be...

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    First Adopter of Rotharium Food Tracing!

      First adopter of Rotharium Food Tracing Rotharium's progress has been charted via BlockDelta over recent weeks and I'm now delighted to report on its latest...

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    3 Real World Blockchain Projects You Need To Know About

    With the Crypto sphere under a sustained period of pressure over recent weeks, it is important to both realise and appreciate the top (…and...

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