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    Bulls are back in town

    Important 8k resistance turned back into support In the past few days, bulls have fought past the perfect bearish set up and price action looks...

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    What Made The Top 10 Altcoins So Popular?

    What made the top 10 altcoins so popular? Ethereum Ethereum was created in 2015 and has been very popular due to its role in smart contracts....

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    Why it pays to listen to new investors opinions

    I know what you’re thinking, why would I listen to opinions from people who constantly just ask “wen moon” or “wen binance” but they...

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    Daily updates 18th July

      What’s new in crypto- 18th July Bitcoin has recently surpassed $7000 with large volume behind it. Nothing to get excited about as of yet...

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    Are your emotions making you lose money?

      Our own emotions have the biggest influence on our trades, but they may also be stopping you from achieving the great returns that you...

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