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Blockchain Supply Chain Finance (SCF) – A Multi-Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity

A 2015 McKinsey report suggested that SCF (Supply Chain Finance) had a potential global revenue pool of $20bn, while in 2017 China’s supply chain...

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Will We See the End of the Blockchain Trilemma in 2019?

The Blockchain Trilemma Sometimes referred to as the scalability trilemma: the issue of scalability — transaction volume and speed, is definitely one of the issues delaying mass...

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Is an IEO a Positive Evolution of the ICO or Just Lipstick on the Proverbial ICO Pig?

ICO’s or “initial coin offerings” were the fundraising avenue of choice for blockchain technology startup projects in 2017 and most of 2018. ICO’s provided...

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Im Just a Disruptive Decentralized Crypto Aficionado Living in an Antiquated Centralized Fiat World

Recently I grew frustrated with what I know is antiquated technology being used day to day in my every-day-life. I had to fill out...

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Do We Need Bitcoin?

A colleague of mine likes to say there are two camps in crypto - those that want a digital currency like Bitcoin and those...

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