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Is an IEO a Positive Evolution of the ICO or Just Lipstick on the Proverbial ICO Pig?

ICO’s or “initial coin offerings” were the fundraising avenue of choice for blockchain technology startup projects in 2017 and most of 2018. ICO’s provided...

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Im Just a Disruptive Decentralized Crypto Aficionado Living in an Antiquated Centralized Fiat World

Recently I grew frustrated with what I know is antiquated technology being used day to day in my every-day-life. I had to fill out...

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Do We Need Bitcoin?

A colleague of mine likes to say there are two camps in crypto - those that want a digital currency like Bitcoin and those...

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Unmasking the Mystery at the Heart of AI

Peanut butter and chocolate, Mick and Keith, Batman and Robin — great partnerships — successful marriages so to speak. Something magical happened when their paths merged, forging culinary,...

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Blockchain & Crypto 2018 – A Year in Retrospect & A Look At What’s to Come

2018. Crypto winter. What a year. Many saw it coming. Many did not. It was a tough year on many fronts and I could...

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