LunarX Mining Machine First Experience

LunarX miner is alive!

LunarX mining machine first experience | A Niu’s mining diary (1)

I mined BTC 5 years ago, and I sold it very early. I was lucky enough to celebrate my own money, and I also invited a circle of friends.

As everyone knows, BTC has risen to $20,000, and it is now more and more difficult to mine/earn BTC.

Basically, the currency can make a lot of money with faith… and I firmly believe that blockchain will change the world. Ethereum, ZCash, Nano, i mined them all, I have been involved with various popular projects in recent years, but the same human shortcomings have restricted my returns.

In August of this year, Zil took my interest, I was ready to buy a mining machine and then insisted on holding it. I am optimistic about Zil’s fragmentation technology, no matter how much it mines, no matter how many bears are in the bear market.

What I am going to talk about today is the start of the LunarX mining machine. LunarX’s main selling point is that it can not only mine LX (an acronym for LunarX), but also earn BTC, because miners are no longer simply contributing computing to network accounting, also providing rich computing functions for accessing the network. The application provides data services.

Have a look at the official website white paper, this is a project to subvert the data center, and has already appeared on the top exchanges. I have been involved with so many coins, I am clearly optimistic about this particular project, because the simple “mining” or various xxx consensus proofs have no meaning, who can not make a brain to make some variants? Basically all the consensus is a variant of POW. I think it is like this, it is nothing more than to prove who, or who has the right to prove it.

There are many reasons for optimism about LX, but I mainly care about three points: whether there is room for future growth; second, don’t consume electricity and noise, because ordinary people have no power advantage, like the Ethereum or BTC. Hash, in fact, is not suitable for personal participation, put home? impossible. Individuals can’t participate, so what about the full center? It is not concentrated in the hands of large mines; the third is: how many early users can mine, the bonus of the headcount is very important, this depends on the planning of the project side. Normally, the more difficult it is to mine later, although the same Network services, but who doesn’t want to earn more?cryptocurrency mining hardware

Out of the box, a small machine. The logo is in the middle, surrounded by a cooling iron shape, a cool metallic feel. According to the operation manual, open the Omnilayer wallet, if you don´t know how to use it, ask in their telegram group, the admin Joel is a very nice German brother. Then put the wallet address into the configuration file and follow the instructions. After filling out and saving, click on the LunarX icon in the taskbar, the mining interface will pop up, and the interface starts to mine. The LunarX icon also jumped up and down in the taskbar for a while. (for mac) The shot is a bit blurry. The interface surface is Apple style.
In fact, this is a customized Linux system.LunarX Mining Asking the experts, after the excavation, you don’t have to worry about it.

The entire network will confirm that each node’s service is legal in a week or so, and then the system will generate a Token to your open Omni wallet.
After two days, it should be Saturday, my service was confirmed by the system, and I entered the OmniLayer online wallet and I can see more than 200LX. The token on the OmniLayer platform has a code name, such as BTC is 0 (yes, that is BTC), and USDT also has a code name, LunarX’s LX token code name is 361.
In the future, if you receive someone’s token, you have to confirm the code name. The machine is very quiet, just put it where you like. it´s able to play HD movies, play games, and surf in the Internet. I haven’t used these features yet.
The Linux customization system looks very comfortable too, it feels like using Apple, let’s play slowly.
The future of the LunarX project is to run a variety of applications, and the revenue of the killer application will be distributed to the miners. This should be a more important income. After all, the blockchain is to have an application, not a speculative coin. I agree with this value of the project side.

It depends on how the price reflects in the coin, don’t ask me how to speculate. After so many years, I understand the truth. For the big trend of the blockchain, only holding can make big money. Besides, actually we are in a bear market, what you sell is a loss, and the currency is king.

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