Technical File Engineer OR Trainee

Full-Time, Part-Time
Posted 5 months ago

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Carry out 90% of the tasks in English and work together with English-speaking members making up 80% of total team members. Good communication skills and proficiency in English are requirements for admission; experiences in large international companies are preferred.


  1. Complete the preparation of technical documents, information graphs and flow diagram in English and Chinese according to the requirements of the company;
  2. Conduct daily maintenance of existing and new technical documents according to the company’s document development regulations;
  3. Manage the storage of all kinds of documents, establish the index table of document information, and ensure the consistency of document version and code version, and regularly backup the documents;
  4. Send and receive, settle, and submit documents for project requirements and progress reports;
  5. Participate in the standardization, normalization and institutionalization of documents.


  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree or above with outstanding integrated English language competence, and have a certain kind of ability to communicate with people fluently in English;
  2. Enable to edit Markdown documents skillfully, use Office software skillfully and compile flow charts;
  3. Be familiar with software development process or mechanical engineering.


  1. Possess the ability to be familiar with professional English vocabulary in the fields of technology, machinery and electronics;
  2. Possess the ability to use a programming language and to understand basic data structures and algorithms, or have experience in participating in blockchain projects;
  3. Use Adobe Illustrator or other same type graphic design software proficiently;


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Job Features

Job CategoryDeveloper, Full-Time, Part-Time
Full-Time40 hrs / week
Paid Time Off14 days / year
OvertimeTime + 1/2

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