Where should I set up my new blockchain company!?

Where should I set up my new blockchain company!?

It’s true that not many countries are overly friendly to cryptocurrency companies right now. There are only a handful of nations which are openly attracting this fantastic new technology/sector.

Realistically speaking, there are 5 countries which ‘lead the way’ when choosing where to open up.


In early 2018, Malta’s government launched the Malta Digital Innovation Authority in order to provide legal clarity for organisations developing Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Malta is quickly becoming an extremely popular location for cryptocurrency businesses, and many companies are currently considering moving to this new blockchain haven. The small island is one of the global leaders in online gambling and is now attracting crypto startups by proposing guidelines on blockchain and cryptocurrency applications in the gaming industry.

During a recent political meeting in Malta, Prime Minister Muscat made it clear how he envisages the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Contrary to what people may expect, he is quite open-minded toward both industries. In fact, he is confident the country needs to take the first step to properly regulate these industries in the coming months.

Most people already know about Binance’s relations and aspirations regarding Malta and its evident Binance is not the first company to “migrate” either. There has been an interest from other companies as well, according to Muscat. However, none of them are on the same level as the popular exchange right now. These companies want to come to Malta because the island is ready to offer regulation. The country has a clear plan of action and this is a positive development for the industry as a whole.

Muscat is confident he can bring this industry on par with the financial and gaming industries in the country. Assuming that promise holds up, positive things are in store for companies such as Binance (and Monaco Coin). The jobs created by all of these companies will help boost the local economy as well.



Japan, claimed by many to be the motherland of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder and creator of Bitcoin, has embraced its long-lost grandchild from the very beginning. One of the most technologically advanced countries, it is the first and only country that has a proper legal system regulating cryptocurrency trading.

Despite the Mt. Gox controversy, Japan is the largest Bitcoin market. According to a Nikkei report cited in a note by Masao Muraki, a global financial strategist at Deutsche Bank, around 40% of bitcoin trading in Q4 2017 was conducted in yen.



The world’s center for the wealth management industry, the Alpine country is striving to “become the crypto-nation” according to Johann Schneider-Ammann, Switzerland’s economics minister. This remark was made in the context of the “Crypto Valley” project, an independent, government-supported association inspired by the enormous advantages of global industry clusters. Crypto Valley, centered in and around the Swiss area of Zug, is now one of the world’s leading ecosystems for crypto, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies. In addition, Switzerland is said to be one of the world leaders in the number of successful ICOs.



This Baltic country has long been a a tech hotbed. Think of all of the successful tech enterprises of the recent past including Skype, for example. So, it’s no wonder Estonia is one of very few countries where digital currency adoption is thriving; the blockchain technology is used in the spheres such as national health, judicial, legislative, security, and commercial code systems. Besides, Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government issued digital identity that empowers entrepreneurs around the world to set up and run a location-independent business.



After the recent Indian central bank’s crackdown on virtual money, a lot of Indian firms started looking at registering their companies in Singapore, as it is rightfully considered a global hub of blockchain revolution and one of the most crypto-friendly countries, largely due to its stable politics, reliable infrastructure, and favorable business environment. At the moment, Singapore is one of the last major banking centers that allow for unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges.


There we go. 5 locations to choose from. I’m a big fan of the Mediterranean sunshine and the beach. Malta, for now, is my location of choice.

Good luck!


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