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How The Top 10 Coins Currently Rate Against Their All Time High

January 2018 saw a huge swell in cryptocurrency prices and most projects achieved their all time high in that period....

January 2018 saw most coins achieve their all time high price. Bitcoin reached an eye watering $21K and made a lot of millionaires. We have been in the grips of a deathly bear market ever since and prices have plunged. Today we’re looking at price relative to ATH.

What % of the all time high is the current price of the top 10 coins

Reference data table
Name ATH Price ATH Date Current Price
Bitcoin $20089.00 2017/12/16 (8 months ago) $6472.54
Ethereum $1432.88 2018/01/13 (7 months ago) $293.76
XRP $3.84 2018/01/04 (7 months ago) $0.34
Bitcoin Cash $4355.62 2017/12/19 (8 months ago) $553.84
EOS $22.89 2018/04/29 (3 months ago) $5.15
Stellar $0.93 2018/01/04 (7 months ago) $0.23
Litecoin $375.29 2017/12/18 (8 months ago) $56.50
Cardano $1.32 2018/01/04 (7 months ago) $0.10
Monero $495.84 2018/01/07 (7 months ago) $97.84
IOTA $5.69 2017/12/18 (8 months ago) $0.53

Investment outlook

You may believe that some of the projects featured have a bright future and will return to or set a new all time high. Some of these coins offer significant upside if that happens. Cardano would see a 10x plus return on investment if it returns to it’s all time high.

The strength of Bitcoin is really reflected in the fact that it has fallen the least from it’s all time high. Ripple and IOTA are further projects that represent theoretical good value. I worry about the long term success of IOTA however. It is an under developed project and in my opinion is trending toward a more realistic valuation.

EOS and Stellar are the best of the rest in terms of relative price strength right now. Stellar is enjoying notable success in terms of development and partnerships. It has recently seen a promising Ethereum dapp start work on migration to the Stellar chain. These developments make me confident about the prospect of the Stellar price undergoing serious recovery.

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