Developing on Skycoin: Skycoin Arena


The quality of Skycoin code is a reflection of the high standards of Skycoin developers.

As part of the process to become a Skycoin developer, new candidates first pass through the Skycoin Arena, which is a proving ground to demonstrate and show off your coding skills.

The Skycoin Arena incorporates several tasks:

  1. Write a Golang program that accepts two numbers from the command line, adds them together and prints the result.
  2. Fork this repository and make a PR to the repository with the code.
  3. Add information for contact (email, Telegram, or Wechat) in the PR.

Guidelines are provided for the Skycoin coding style and conventions.

Developing the Skycoin Project

We currently have 54 public GitHub repositories, and a number of private repositories, covering the aspects of the Skycoin project. Due to the size and scope of the project, there are many opportunities to make unique and meaningful contributions. Current Skycoin development team efforts are focused on:

  • Skywire mainnet testing and bug fixing
  • CX, with integration into the blockchain
  • Skycoin Core
  • Front-end Developers

In addition, there is the wallet, light client, CXO, and Skybian OS that are all under continuous development and always require intelligent, proficient coding talent.

Get in contact

To begin working on the official Skycoin projects, jump into the Skycoin Arena and leave your contact details. Then get in touch on the Skycoin Developer Telegram group, and you will quickly be directed to the relevant person. You can also send your CV to and include the link to your Arena task. Don’t fret, front-end developers, we need you to join the Skyfleet too! You can directly send your CV to without any Arena tasks.

Skyfleet coding — get involved

Beyond the core Skycoin projects, there is scope to work on your own project built on top of the Skycoin ecosystem, or to integrate support in your project for Skycoin. Many Skyfleet members have written games in the CX language and others are working on building Skycoin support for other open-standard hardware wallets and payment processors. Telegram is the best port of call for this type of involvement!

Whether you are an experienced blockchain developer, Golang code wizard or complete amateur, there is a project for you. For a deeper look into the possible ways to code Skycoin, check out Skycoin: A Call To Developers.

Skycoin Developer bounties incoming

Stay tuned for further information as we announce Skycoin developer bounties for those who work on high priority projects or identify important bugs in the codebase.


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