Tokoin is present through the idea of accelerating global MSME. Tokoin opens up the opportunity for the MSME to build reputation digitally and accordingly.
Locus Chain is The World’s First Practically Usable Public Blockchain. Locus Chain has achieved scalability in its decentralized public network by overcoming the following challenges. Challenge 1: SPEED Popular blockchains today have well-known limitations in SPEED. Locus Chain achieves SPEED by adopting a DAG ledger structure. Challenge 2: STORAGE In addition to speed, a practical blockchain must address the issue of STORAGE. Locus Chain aims to resolve the STORAGE issue via Verifiable Pruning Challenge 3: NETWORK SCALABILITY A practical blockchain must also address the issue of Network Scalability. Locus Chain aims to resolve the Network Scalability issue via Dynamic Sharding Challenge 4: DECENTRALIZATION & SECURITY Locus Chain achieves Decentralization and Security by implementing BFT based on DPoS.
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