dApps – A subjective curation of the best out there

Ethereum Leading dApps Ecosystem
Ethereum – Leading dApps Ecosystem

What are dApps?

A dApp is a software application built on a distributed ledger database system or a blockchain. dApps are built on blockchain ecosytems such as Ethereum, Tron or EOS. Ethereum & Vitalik Buterin were the first major Blockchain-based platform to build a Turing-complete language for writing smart contracts on-blockchain and quickly became adopted as the platform of choice for dApp development. EOS and TRON have only recently launched their mainnets. Ethereum is very much the market leader when it comes to total dApps deployed. There are now circa 2000 projects live on the Ethereum network.


Ethlance addresses the same need as Fiverr or Upwork. It is a marketplace for clients to engage freelancers. The Ethlance platform is totally decentralised. Ethlance does not charge registration fees or contractual work commissions as it is totally decentralized. The platform sustainably runs with 0% service fees.

You can check out Ethlance here


These furry little creatures are credited with one of the largest ETH spikes in history! CryptoKitties is a game that allows you to collect CryptoCollectibles. These come in the form of digital cats which users can buy, sell or breed.

The CryptoKitties app also thrives on Ethereum’s blockchain. Just like each Bitcoin or Ether, each cryptokitty is also unique.

Check out CryptoKitties here


Name Bazaar is primarily a marketplace that lets users buy and sell ENS names. In addition to that, it also provides an easy to use UI for users to register and manage ENS names. ENS is basically a system that allows people to associate an Ethereum address with a human-readable name. This is a nifty solution that gets around the issue of the long and unwieldy addresses associated with wallets and crypto-transactions.

Check out NameBazaar here


CryptoKitties opened our eyes to the idea of collecting unique digital items as distinct from tokens or coins. OpenSea has advanced on this idea. The project is a marketplace that lets users buy and sell crypto assets using Ethereum. For example, if you breed some CryptoKitties you can sell them on the CryptoKitties site. Also, since Ethereum is an open platform you can sell them on third-party sites like OpenSea. OpenSea supports the buying and selling of a bunch of different Ethereum based collectibles in addition to Cryptokitties.

Check out OpenSea here


Aragon is a very interest project.It is a platform or a DApp to build and manage decentralized autonomous organizations popularly known as DAOs.

The DAO concept can be applied to any organization, company, non-profit or foundation, to bring an extra level of transparency. As well as more effective governance of these entities. It also helps in curbing unnecessary intermediaries replacing them with governable ethereum smart contracts. Aragon promises to facilitate an era of corporate transparency. If adopted!

Check out Aragon here


Yes the same Golem that McAfee shilled that one time! The Golem Net Project aims to be the Airbnb of computers. It proposes to allow you to rent spare computational power in exchange for tokens. Or you can lease computation power for a fee. It is a very elegant solution to spare processing capacity in networks.

Check out Golem here


Imagine a Wikipedia where contributors had an incentive to keep it accurate? The Lunyr project is doing just this. One of the longer running dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform pays contributors and reviewers. By design the project seeks to identify and reward positive behaviour leading to increased veracity.

The platform is up and running and has plenty of articles available to read!

Check out Lunyr here

Decentralized News Network

DNN uses tokens as a way to incentivize factual news coverage. With no central authority, the site is curated by the people who use it; making it much harder for biased news. Reviewers are paid in tokens to verify everything. Writers are rewarded by readers by the quality of content, not what the news agenda decides to push as the front headline.

Check out Decentralized News Network here


While uPort may come across a little Orwellian to some, the ambition of the project is laudable. uPort is a brainchild of ConsenSys, one of the largest institutions for Ethereum development. This dApp gives a unique digital identity to the user. uPort can become the next passport, the next step for voting via smartphones and a way to identify credentials. The Swiss city of Zug has already started implementing uPort with citizen identity.

Check out uPort here


Do you remember LocalBitcoin? Well this is much the same thing but for Ether. LocalEthereum functions via an escrow smart contract. This contract locks up the seller’s ether until the seller certifies that they’ve received the money from the buyer. Whether through an in-person cash handoff, a bank transfer, or another method.

Check out LocalEthereum here

TenX Project

TenX is a platform to spend cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum) anytime and anywhere. The TenX app is available on Android and iOS. The app changes virtual currencies to the currency accepted by a merchant with real-time transparent rates and 0% conversion fees.

The app makes it possible to send and receive cryptocurrencies. The TenX wallet stores major cryptocurrencies and issues an ATM card. They have a partnership with Visa and are planning to get their banking license soon. In April 2018, TenX announced a partnership with Litecoin that aims to produce debit cards to spend Litecoin.

Check out TenX here


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