Cryptopia Welcomes Rotharium (and it jumps 75%!!)

Rotharium is a cryptocurrency token by Crypto Future GMBH, an Austrian cryptocurrency company set up in 2017 (its owners have been in the blockchain space since 2013). They aim to be a gateway into blockchain for businesses by facilitating integration with existing apps. The release of the Rotharium ERP Blockchain Interface (EBI) as part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the first instance of this. The project has flown under the radar since a late 2017 ICO. This is surprising given the project’s rate of development.


ERP software is a large market which will grow to a global valuation of $41bn by 2020. The EBI-ERP Blockchain Interface allows businesses to use blockchain to manage orders and invoices and trace goods. They provide e-wallet management access from the ERP system.

Cryptopia Listing Impact

The market seems to be sitting up and taking notice. The Cryptopia Exchange listed Rotharium on the 6th of November. Consequently, price has risen dramatically from $4.50 to the $8 mark as new traders have access to the token. The trade volume has nearly doubled with the new listing. Prior to the Cryptopia listing Rotharium appeared only on Stex exchange which may have hampered its exposure to date.

What does the future hold for Rotharium?

The gains may not stop here either. Rotharium EBI launched at Gitex Dubai in October. It is the first of four product releases. Beyond the EBI, the Rotharium whitepaper has scope for their wallet, platform and tracing solutions. These items will help Rotharium achieve their goal of creating transparent business processes. The integration of tracing and wallet solutions is particularly intriguing as these two features combined could greatly ameliorate internal business processes. The ability to automatically execute payment when a traced good is received will be celebrated by suppliers the world over. Therefore we can expect rapid adoption of such a service. The Rotharium website indicates we can expect an announcement on these products on the 14th of November. Certainly a date for the diary!

The Rotharium platform interfaces allow connection of standard cloud or on-premise database solutions to the blockchain. This is a very adoption friendly benefit to their platform. Essentially it allows businesses to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain without having to change the applications the business already uses. One of the biggest challenges facing crypto adoption is seamless integration with existing applications. Consequently, the projects that provide solutions to this problem are well placed to lead adoption.

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