China chooses MXC to deploy the Smart City IoT Standard over old guns.

As per the Offical announcement by MXC foundation, Shanghai Yangpu government of China has entered into an agreement with the Berlin-based non-profit MXC Foundation to deploy the Smart City IoT Standard MXProtocol in Shanghai. The MXC Shanghai agreement is part of China’s National Innovative Development Strategy and includes both the collection and analysis of smart city data.

As per Shen Xin, Shanghai Yangpu District Government Director

The Shanghai District and MXC are cooperating in the construction of smart cities and the development of the IoT industry.

What is a Smart City?

One that has digital technology embedded across all city functions — The Smart Cities Council

As per the latest studies by leading research centres ( Gartner, UN etc.) by 2050, It’s estimated that 65%- 70% of the people will be living in cities. The existing infrastructure can’t efficiently manage this massive influx of future population and once the population starts to grow it’s only going to get worse.

As the rural populations start to move towards the urban landscape, city planners will need the help of smarter technologies to provide the newcomers with a better and a high quality of life. To keep up with these growing demands, various cities, towns, municipalities across the globe are turning to the IoT to improve various services(water, traffic, electricity etc.). Once the city becomes “smarter”, it will help the citizens to have a much better quality of life by helping them to save time, improving the use of water and energy, smarter homes, faster emergency response time etc.

This is where MX Protocol, “Smart City IoT Standard” comes into play

What is MX Protocol, “Smart City IoT Standard”?

Smart City IoT Standard consists of an army of Smart Sensors & LPWAN(Low Power Wide Area Network) Gateways deployed across the city space. These sensors will be collecting data from various sources, processing it in real-time and will use the data’s to optimize the various services provided to citizens helping them to lead a better life.

E.g. Traffic Management( alerting smart cars with any traffic congestion ahead and providing them with alternate faster routes), Water Management (Sensors can detect any leakage or block in the pipeline and alert the authorities for quick maintenance) etc. In simple terms, the MX Protocol will be helping to improve the quality of life in much more profound ways more than we can imagine.

I am not going to go deeper into the technical side of Smart City IoT Standard. You can have a detailed read here

MXC Foundation Smart City Integration in Shanghai.

MXC will be assisting the Shanghai Yangpu district with the deployment of an MXProtocol enabled low power wide area network (LPWAN) capable of providing wireless service to LPWAN IoT devices in Shanghai Yangpu district. Data collected via the network will use the MXC Interchain Data Market, assuring data reliability and providing an actionable analysis of city-owned data.

Regarding the agreement Aaron Wagener, co-founder at MXC remarked

“MXC is providing an IoT blockchain solution that brings real value to smart cities around the globe.Together with the Chinese government, MXC is delivering Smart City Blockchain integrations, improving citizens lives.”

The MXProtocol, MXC’s Smart City IoT Standard, will use blockchain technology to increase the reliability of wireless data transmissions in smart cities while providing easy integration and data analysis through the MXC Interchain Data Market. Data listed in the MXC Data Market can be traced to a specific LPWAN sensor, increasing the trustworthiness of the collected data by making it difficult to tamper with after it has been collected.

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