About Us

Blockdelta is a platform which enables its visitors to be kept informed about exciting new Projects, Opinion & Blogs , Events and Careers across the Blockchain, AI, Innovation and general Technology sectors.

Our aim is to showcase fantastic projects whilst allowing our members to interact, learn and post their content in a friendly and informative manner.

To enable exciting projects to reach a large and relevant audience, Blockdelta provides a platform to instantly distribute articles, updates, highlight successes, key biographies and post job vacancies. When you engage Blockdelta, one of our dedicated team will offer their expert advice in content writing and social media marketing, enabling projects to create engaging content, and making effective social media promotion an easier process.

Blockdelta supports companies who strive to reach higher standards through innovation, whilst also  assisting them to reach a wider audience and attract the best talent to join their team.

We look forward to providing an interesting platform to our range of visitors, as well as showcasing some fantastic projects, companies, futuristic technology, start ups and general innovation.